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    Who will be Afghanistan's next President?

    Abdullah AbdullahPresidential Candidate
    Ashraf GhaniPresidential Candidate
    Abdul Rasul SayyafPresidential Candidate
    Zalmay RassoulPresidential Candidate

    Gul Agha SherzaiPresidential Candidate
    Daud SultanzoyPresidential Candidate
    Qutbuddin HilalPresidential Candidate
    Hedayat Amin ArsalaPresidential Candidate

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    Gains of Afghan Women

    Gender Equity will serve Afghans

    Nothing is more important for Afghanistan than building on the liberalizing achievements of the past decade and preventing a slide back toward repression. One of the major aims of this effort needs to be retaining and expanding the hard-won rights of Afghan women. Read more

    Empowering Women in Afghanistan: Interview with Anita Hiadary

    Anita Haidary is an Afghan women's rights activist and co-founder of Young Women for Change (YWC), a non-governmental organization aiming to empower and improve the lives of women in Afghanistan. She is now studying Film Studies at an American college, while continuing to advocate for Afghan women's rights. Read more

    Presidential Candidates Turn to Women's Rights

    Presidential contenders went to a women's advocacy conference where they stressed an expanded role in public life, improvement in women's rights law. Read more

    Women Could Play Influential Role in April's Elections

    Women make up close to half of the Afghan population, and despite issues in past elections, many of them seem determined to leave their mark on the upcoming presidential and provincial council elections. Read more

    Afghan voices: Female rapper Ramika

    In Afghanistan, young rappers gathered in Kabul earlier this month to compete to create a rap anthem for April's presidential elections. Ramika, a 19 year old female rapper from Kabul, was among the competitors, with a rap about the importance of participating in the elections. Read more

    Afghan woman bids for power to halt slide in rights

    Today, Sarabi is one of three female vice-presidential candidates in the April 5 poll and the only one on a front-runner's ticket. The 57-year-old pharmacist and former governor is supporting Zalmay Rassoul, a former foreign minister endorsed by the president's brothers. Read more

    Afghan Women See Hope in the Ballot Box

    "There is finally the sense here, after years of international aid and effort geared toward improving Afghan’s women’s lives, that women have become a significant part of Afghan political life, if not a powerful one." Read more

    Women prepare for historic elections in Afghanistan

    Women’s rights have come a long way in the last 12 years in Afghanistan yet the struggle for emancipation is still in its infancy. And with the historic presidential elections looming ever closer, the pressure is on to ensure that the gains made for women in Afghanistan are not lost and that they can participate freely and fairly in the country’s new democracy. Read more

    The Voice for Free, Fair & Transparent Elections

    The Issue

    Policymakers, the media and international human rights organizations will be watching closely to see if Afghanistan is ready to stand on its own with a smooth democratic transition of power as the result of free, fair and transparent elections on April 5th.

    Our Mission

    Our goal is to educate the American people and raise awareness about the importance of ensuring the Afghan people are able to go to the polls safely and exercise their democratic rights.

    In The News

    The Coalition’s views about the upcoming presidential election, the role the US should play, and the importance of the Afghan-US relationship were featured in The Hill’s DEFCON HILL blog.


    Review our collection of carefully compiled Afghan election resources that will be your guide to understanding the issues, challenges, and individuals related to the 2014 Afghan Elections as well as the Coalition for Afghan Democracy.